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Beauty is in the eye of the beholder and the hands of your stylist!

I want you to love your hair!

Hair Cut:

Including shampoo and blow dry


  •   Creative Director – RP500.000

  •   Stylist – RP350.000

  •   Men's haircut RP220.000

  •   Kid's haircut - RP220.000


Hair Styling and blowdry:

  •   Shampoo & dry – from RP160.000

  •   Shampoo & Styling Blow dry – from RP220.000

  •   Braids - RP220.000

  •   Hair Up Do – from RP400.000 up


Nanotechnology-based hair repairing instrument is a new generation hair beauty instrument that moistens and improves the hair with nano water molecules of about 0.26NM permeating into the hair, combined with medicament permeation and chemical reaction. The nano water molecules with latent heat energy that is sprayed from the instrument, can go through the wool scale with the clearance of 1NM, and reach the internal of hair to hydrate and nourish the hair, so as to repair the hair and enhance medicament reaction.

Use high-pressure gas of nanotechnology-based hair caring instrument to dissolve and clear the silicone oil and grease which are not easy to be cleared from the hair follicles, so as to sterilize and cleanse the scalp.

Nano Deep Moisturize Treatment -

RP 650.000

  •   Damaged

  •   Normal / Dry

  •   Very Dry & Sensitized

  •   Colour Treated

Nano Deep Purifying Treatment -

RP 750.000

  •   Oily scalp

  •   Sensitive scalp

  •   Hair loss / thinning

  •   Dandruff



The new in-salon Goldwell Kerasilk Control Keratin treatment including the high-performing KeraShapeTechnology controls frizz and beautifies the hair’s natural shape

for a long-lasting transformation into smooth and perfectly frizz-controlled hair.

The Kerasilk Control Keratin Treatment Service provides long-lasting transformation into perfectly smooth, straightening and soft hair for up to 3–5 months.
The secret: high-performing KeraShapeTechnology. Simply fabulous!

  •   Short to Medium - RP1.500.000

  •   Long Hair – RP 1.800.000

  •   Extra Long - RP2.000.000

Hair Spa - RP 250.000

Hair Spa with styling blowdry by professional hairdresser - RP400.000

Cross over the traditional Balinese cream bath massage with Loreal Hair Spa treatment into your scalp and through every strand of hair. Our therapists use their own magic on your neck and shoulders, enjoy the most relax sense and hair care at 1 single treatment!


Chemical Work


  • ​Root – RP 650.000 (No Nano)

  • Short Hair – RP 850.000

  • Medium Hair – RP 950.000

  • Long Hair - 1.050.000

  • Remove Previous color - RP400K up



A Korean perm is a natural looking and feminine hairstyle with a focus on bounciness, volume, framing the face in a flattering manner. Instead of perm the whole head, a Korean perm includes volume rebonding that provides more body and form to the overall look. Those who have experienced the flat hair that is plastered on your scalp need not worry as Korean rebonding will not result in such a hair disaster. In terms of maintenance, Korean perms are famously known for being low-to-no maintenance and the perms can really last up till 6 months. Suitable for casual to formal looks, the Korean perm is certainly the go to hair style for that effortless look!

  •   Shoulder Length ( S Curl, C Curl )- RP 1.500.000

  •   Long Hair (S Curl, C Curl) - RP2.000.000

(We are using the whole set original Korean ATS products for this Curl Therapy)


Traditional Perm

  • Short Hair- RP  1.200.000

  • Long Hair - RP1.600.000

Digital Perm

  • Medium Hair (Shoulder Length)- RP  1.300.000

  • Long Hair - RP1.600.000

  • Extra Long (Waist length) - RP1.800.000

Ion Straightening and Smoothing Perm

  • Short Hair- RP  1.200.000 

  • Long Hair - RP1.600.000

  • Extra Long Hair - RP1.800.000


Highlights (Not include shampoo and blow dry)

  • short hair 1/2 foils – RP 750.000

  • short hair full foils – RP 1.100.000

  • Medium hair 1/2 foils – RP 950.000

  • Medium hair full foils – RP 1.300.000

  • Long hair 1/2 foils – RP 1.200.000

  • Long hair full foils – RP 1.400.000

   Bleach Root – RP 650.000

Ombre / Balayage (Not include shampoo and blow dry)

  • Shoulder Length Hair– RP 1.000.000

  • Long Hair – RP 1.100.000

Toner Rinse (Not include shampoo and blow dry)

  • Short to Shoulder Length Hair– RP 350.000

  • Long Hair – RP 400.000

  • Extra Long / Thick Hair – RP 500.000


*All prices are quotes in Indonesian Rupiah, price do not include 12.5% government tax and 2.5% service charges.

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